IKEA Family

IKEA Family Terms and Conditions

The IKEA Family card programme, the use of the IKEA Family card, any visits and any rewards under the programme are all subject to the following terms and conditions and is valid in the territory of Republic of Estonia.

•    The IKEA Family card are issued by and remain the property of Runikon Retail OU.
•    Runikon Retail OU reserves the right to: (a) terminate, alter or amend the conditions of operation of the IKEA Family programme at any time without any written notification, announcing that on the webpage www.IKEA.ee; (b) decline to issue IKEA Family cards; and (c) on reasonable grounds*, withdraw or cancel IKEA Family cards.
•    To participate in this program you have to fill in IKEA Family programme form (where only e-mail is required) or create IKEA account and choose to become IKEA Family member. The IKEA Family programme form or IKEA account form can be found at www.IKEA.ee
•    New IKEA Family members from 08-07-2019 receive only e-card card, which is sent to member‘s e-mail address. 
•    Members that applied for programme before 08-07-2019 can have both cards either e-card or plastic. If plastic card owner downloads e-card from IKEA account the number of e-card and all benefits remain the same as of plastic card.
•    Members can access their e-card on account at www.IKEA.ee, also e-card is sent to member‘s e-mail address while applying for IKEA Family programme. 
•    Both cards – plastic or e-card – are equal proof that member is participant of programme.
•    Signature of application form and/or use of the IKEA Family card constitute your acceptance of these terms and conditions.
•    You must provide correct personal data while filling IKEA Family form.
•    Card usage applies to IKEA Tallinn Pick-up and ordering point, Tartu Planning Studio and IKEA Riga store.
•    The IKEA Family card is not transferable, and can only be used by the person to whom it was issued to.
•    The IKEA Family card cannot be used as a debit or credit card or a guarantee card.
•    If at any time you wish to cancel your membership, you can do that on your account at www.IKEA.ee or by contacting our Customer Services center by e-mail info@IKEA.ee.

* Reasonable grounds include: (i) any abuse or attempted abuse of the programme; (ii) any use or attempted use of an IKEA Family card in a manner which is contrary to these terms and conditions; or (iii) any reasonable suspicion of dishonesty on the part of a member in connection with the programme; (iv) if card is not used more than 5 years.

Free IKEA Family product insurance 
The following terms and conditions are valid for the free IKEA Family insurance; insure your new products against accidental damage on the way home. Just present your IKEA Family card at the check-outs.

•    Benefit only applies to IKEA Family members.
•    Insurance applies only if IKEA Family card is presented at time of purchase of product.
•    Benefit only applies to purchases made in IKEA Tallinn Pick-up and ordering point, Tartu Planning Studio and IKEA Riga store.
•    Benefit does not apply for products bought by using IKEA gift cards.
•    Insurance does not apply to purchases picked, transported, assembled or installed as part of our additional IKEA services, as they are covered by the service provider, as outlined by their terms and conditions.
•    Insurance does not apply to cut fabric, or goods ordered to your specification e.g. custom made worktops.
•    Insurance does not apply to purchases from the Bargain Corner.
•    IKEA Family card must be presented together with proof of purchase (receipt or invoice) when returning any damaged item.
•    Products found to be damaged will be replaced on a like for like basis or a refund card to the current selling price of the item.
•    Benefit can only be claimed in IKEA Tallinn Pick-up and ordering point, Tartu Planning Studio and IKEA Riga store.
•    IKEA Family members have 90 days from the date of purchase to return any damaged item.
•    This benefit is in addition to any other separate insurance provisions you may have.
•    This benefit is in addition to the current IKEA returns policy.
•    This benefit does not affect nor withdraw your statutory rights.