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The atmosphere created by the interior works both on the wellbeing of customers and of employees, whereas the success of your business depends on both of the above.

We at IKEA offer excellent design, diversity of styles, great price and the quality you can really trust. Our interior designers are ready to prepare and finish design projects as well as give you inspiring tips and ideas on how to set up functional premises or choose the furniture.

We can offer furnishing solutions for varied business needs and all budgets:

Real estate & Accommodation
  • Residential buildings
  • Rental apartments
  • Hotels
  • Corporations
  • Organizations
  • Institutions
Retail & Hospitality
  • Small shops
  • Cafés & Restaurants
  • Professional services

Interior design for 0 €

Book our interior design service and pay only for furnishings. If you purchase goods with a total value of at least 70 % of the project cost, you will get the interior project for free.

We'll help you every step of the way, from the first ideas to assembly and installation

Experienced business interior designers will prepare the project that meets your needs desires, while a personal project manager will coordinate all works to ensure they run smoothly and quickly.

Let's talk

If there’s anything you need help with to make your business fly, simply ask! We are ready and waiting to help.

Email: B2B@IKEA.ee

Merle +372 5368 4013
Elis +372 508 3023
Elerin +372 5801 6657

Working hours: I-V 8:00-17:00

Found everything you need?

If you already know what furniture and solutions you need for your business, place an order online.


Could use some help?

If you have any questions, want to order services or need a consultation, submit your request and on weekdays get the answer within 24 hours.

The joy of giving and receiving

Your clients, partners and employees deserve to be praised for their loyalty. Why not treat them with something that gives a flexibility in choosing the gift themselves? IKEA gift card contains plenty of gifts for reasonable prices in 45 square centimetres. 

IKEA for business Ideas and inspiration

Never standing still: modular furniture for a flexible living room
Never standing still: modular furniture for a flexible living room

Night turns to day, work turns to play, people come, people go. Life is always changing, so why shouldn’t your living room? Let the welcoming living area of a large family show you how, with flexible furniture that can switch seamlessly from one activity to the next. Layered with plants and personal collections, it’s hard to believe that this inspiring space was pulled together on the tightest of budgets!

Balancing work and rest: an unusual makeover in an office
Balancing work and rest: an unusual makeover in an office

A special task for IKEA Interior Designer – a project like no other, this is the office/common room at the Crisis and Counselling Centre. The Centre moved into new apartments not very long ago. When moving, the old furniture was taken with, as due to the finances there was no possibility to buy new things. However, this office is the place of main activities of the Centre.

Holiday business: seaside apartments with terrace
Holiday business: seaside apartments with terrace

Make every vacation at your apartments unforgettable! Build a cosy oasis on your open sky terrace with our outdoor furniture, like HAVSTEN modular sofas. They have been awarded with the 2017 Red Dot Award: Product Design, as the outdoor sofas designed to be functional and meet the various needs of outdoor environments. The powder coated steel and fluffy, comfortable cushions resist both broiling sunlight and light rain. HAVSTEN is a durable and neutral base that you can easily add to and move around to create your own solution.


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