Can a business customer buy online?
Due to technical reasons, it is temporarily not possible to serve Business customers online. 

Can I use my IKEA Family e-card at IKEA stores in other countries?
The e-card can only be used at IKEA pick-up point in Tallinn, on our online shop and at IKEA Latvia store.

Can I return a product that I have purchased from an IKEA store in another country to IKEA pick-up point in Tallinn?
Products purchased from IKEA store in another country cannot be returned to IKEA pick-up point in Tallinn.

What should I do, if I want to return the products or get a refund?
With questions concerning returns and refunds, please write to:

Can someone else come to collect my product?
Yes. Your order will be handed out with the proof of payment, so be sure to bring that document with you.

How do I know if a product is available for online order?
Please see the details of each product to see if it is available in the online store. If the item says "Sorry, this product is currently unavailable" it means that the item is out of stock and we wait for it to arrive. Our stock is regularly updated. Please follow the changes on the website.

Can I order online if I am not a member of IKEA Family?
A purchase on the IKEA website can be done only when logged in, but you do not need to be a member of the IKEA Family to place an order.

Will I receive a confirmation once I place my order online?
Yes, we will send you an order confirmation email once we receive your order.

When will my parcel arrive when I order online?
The order will be delivered to Pick up point within 5 working days. Delivery time is up to 7 business days when ordering to home address.

How much does the delivery cost?
Delivery to IKEA Estonia's delivery point at Peterburi tee 66 is free. Prices for home delivery and other services can be found here:

How long will you keep my package in stock?
We keep the packages in our warehouse for up to 2 days.

If I live on the 5th floor, will the product be delivered to my apartment door?
Yes, we will bring your package to your apartment door.

How to contact you?
You can contact us by e-mail 

The product I bought is defective. The product I bought has a missing part. The ordered product was not delivered. What should I do?
If you have purchased a defective product or discover that any part of it is missing, please contact customer service:
We will replace the product with a new one or give you a missing part.
If the ordered product was not delivered to the address you specified or the ordered product showed some defect, please send us an email with the case description to
Please leave us your contact details and a receipt and order form. We will contact you to find the best solution to your problem.

Are there job vacancies at IKEA?
The vacancies and application process can be found on the IKEA website.
You can also submit your CV at the point of issue. Give it to any IKEA employee, they will forward your CV to the HR department.

How and where can I order an assembly, measurement, installation or home delivery service? What are the prices of services? Can I buy in installments at IKEA?
You can order IKEA services, such as metering service, assembly service, installation service, home delivery service and other services, at the IKEA outlet. Look here for the prices of services: 

Can pets enter the IKEA Estonia PUP?
We love pets, but for safety's sake we can't afford them at the IKEA dispensary. The exception is guide dogs for people with special needs.

Can business customers pay for the products they buy by bank transfer?
At the moment, the products can only be paid at an IKEA outlet by cash or bank card. At this time, bank transfer payments aren't possible. For other questions, please contact the IKEA Business Relations Department at

Can inspiration be collected at IKEA Estonia PUP?
Yes, the IKEA showroom is where you get a lot of inspiration for furnishing your home.

How many products are in IKEA's product range?
IKEA Estonia has 2000-3000 products on display, 150-200 of which are available for immediate delivery. The whole product range is represented in the online store with 8000-9000 products.