We may want them to stay small forever, but children grow up anyway – fast! We believe their room should keep up as well. This is why here you will find furniture, textiles, toys and many other things your little ones might need for a happier childhood. See all furniture series & collections

Bye-bye, clutter!

We all know how much fun our kids have when they play. Unfortunately, we also know how much mess they can create while having fun. This is why we have many solutions to help you get rid of the clutter without killing the fun.


storage with compartments, turquoise

15 €


storage combination with boxes, 99x44x94 cm, white

Old Price 105 €

85 €

More options available


box set of 2, green/light grey



bed pocket, 39x30 cm, black

Old Price 5,99



storage combination with boxes, 99x44x56 cm, white/grey

Old Price 89 €

70 €

More options available


toy storage with wheels

Old Price 37,99



wall storage, 93x21x30 cm, light white stained pine/grey-blue

Old Price 70 €

65 €

More options available


box, 25x37x22 cm, grey/dotted white



storage combination with boxes, 44x30x91 cm, light white stained pine green-grey/grey-blue

Old Price 101 €

82 €

Make your home a safer place

Bumps and bruises are a part of growing up – but home should be a place where children don’t suffer a serious injury. To make their everyday life as safe as possible, a good starting point is to look at your home furnishing through a child’s eyes.

Check some of our most popular series

Explore the range of coordinated series for your children’s room, from bedroom furniture to role play toys to wooden trains.

SMÅSTAD is modular storage system designed to help kids get dressed on their own and keep things organised.

TROFAST offers easy to use storage of sturdy wooden frames and lightweight plastic boxes in different colours.

SUNDVIK furniture in traditional style is made for kids from 0 to 7 and can grow together with them.

FLISAT furniture is crafted from solid pine wood, which ages beautifully and brings a warm touch to your home.

DUKTIG offers role play toys that look just like the things used by grown-ups, helping kids develop social skills.

LILLABO train set toys are designed to develop the child’s imagination, fine motor skills and logical thinking.

Useful tips for your children‘s room

Interior design

We can offer the best interior solution for your premises.


We can measure your space quickly and professionally.


We can deliver your purchases straight to your office.


We can assemble all furniture for you.


We can install furniture and kitchen appliances in your kitchen.

Add those finishing touches

Children's room Ideas and inspiration

How to make your furniture more sustainable
How to make your furniture more sustainable

The potential to repurpose, repair, reuse, resell or recycle will be built in to all our products by 2030. Even now, there’s often an easy way to prolong the life of your furniture rather than send it to the landfill. Here are some small decisions you can make today to have a positive impact on the planet.

Ask a designer: a happy home where children can thrive
Ask a designer: a happy home where children can thrive

“How can I make my home safe and childfriendly?” It’s important that children have a space where they can be free to play, learn and be themselves, believes interior designer Mia Gustafsson.

Wild childhood: a shared room inspired by nature
Wild childhood: a shared room inspired by nature

Welcome to a world where little ones rule, and where growing together is the greatest adventure of all. Subtle elements of nature pop up throughout this adorable space, bringing the thrill of the outdoors to both play and bedtime. Longlasting furniture, like extendable beds and adjustable wardrobes, will see them through many fun-filled years ahead.


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