Our kitchen range is filled with essentials for almost any kind of cooking and serving, ensuring you have everything you need to whip up culinary delights and impress your guests.

There's a right container for everything

From your favourite ingredients to leftovers for tomorrow's lunch, food storage is easy with our range of food containers that are mostly made of reusable transparent plastic or glass so you can see what's inside and never run out of cereal, biscuits or forget about your salad in the fridge.


resealable bag, 1/0.4 l, patterned/blue

Old Price 2,99

1,99 / 60 pack

More options available

IKEA 365+

food container with lid, 1.0 l, rectangular/plastic

7,99 / 3 pack

More options available

IKEA 365+

food container, 750 ml, square/plastic

5,99 / 3 pack


bowl with lid, set of 5, mixed colours



food container, 70 ml, transparent/blue

0,60 / 3 pack


food container, 0.6 l, transparent/yellow

1,20 / 3 pack

IKEA 365+

food container with lid, 750 ml, round/plastic

5,49 / 3 pack

More options available


resealable bag, 2.5/1.2 l, patterned red/pink

Old Price 3,99

2,99 / 50 pack

More options available


food container, set of 17, transparent/green



food container with lid, set of 3, glass

5,49 / 3 pack

IKEA 365+

dry food jar with lid, 2.3 l, transparent/white


More options available

IKEA 365+

dry food jar with lid, 1.3 l, transparent/white


More options available

For all kinds of settings, occasions and dishes

SILVERSIDA plates and bowls are suitable for everything from fancy three-course dinners to spontaneous tapas evenings. Use the entire tableware at the same time or enjoy the splash-painted surface as a bold detail together with a more toned-down table setting.

FÄRGKLAR works with everything from rice dishes and pastas to tacos and sushi.

UPPFYLLD Colourful and affordable kitchen utensils with many functional features. 
KORKEN Ideal for preserving, as the aroma-tight seal helps to lock in flavours.
VARDAGEN Everything you need for prepping, cooking, eating or serving in one series.
RINNIG Sink accessories and organisers for making meal prep and clean-up a breeze.
OFTAST Affordable tableware in tempered glass, which is thin, elegant and durable.
Interior design

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We can deliver your purchases straight to your office.


We can assemble all furniture for you.


We can install furniture and kitchen appliances in your kitchen.


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