IKEA Family

Our answers to your questions

How much does the IKEA Family membership cost?
Membership at the IKEA Family is free. Besides, in order to get an IKEA Family card, you do not need to buy any goods.

What are the benefits of IKEA Family membership?
IKEA Family membership offers a possibility to acquire certain IKEA goods at special prices, free insurance of goods, acquire the goods at the SALE ahead of everyone else and a possibility to return your purchases in 365 days.

How can I become an IKEA Family member?
To participate in this programme you have to fill in IKEA Family programme form (where only e-mail is required) or create IKEA account and choose to become IKEA Family member. The form can be found at www.IKEA.ee. While registering to programme you can apply only for an e-card. After the registration, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to your mailbox and after confirming your e-mail e-card will be sent your mailbox and added to your www.IKEA.ee account. Card proves that you are a programme member.

How often will I receive information by e-mail?
The IKEA Family e-mail messages will be sent 4-5 times per month.

Can my family members, friends and acquaintances use my card?
An IKEA Family card may be used only by its holder or his/her close family member. Your acquaintances may obtain their own cards – this will take no longer than a minute.

Is it possible to obtain a e-card in the name of any relative (friend)?
No. A card is issued only to its holder.

When is the card activated?
E-card will be activated immediately after you receive it in your mailbox.

What should I do if I deleted my IKEA Family e-card?
If you have deleted your card and would like to have it again, you can download its digital copy from your IKEA account or simply by re-entering your e-mail address in the IKEA Family programme form. You will receive a copy of your IKEA Family e-card in seconds.

What discount is offered to the members of the IKEA Family club? Is it valid for all IKEA goods?
There are various differences between the regular prices and the IKEA Family prices of the goods. The special IKEA Family prices are applied to certain IKEA goods. To apply lower prices to the goods, do not forget to present your IKEA Family card at the time of purchase or be logged in your IKEA account while making the purchase online.

How can I find out about the new monthly IKEA Family offers?
If you want to receive information about the IKEA Family offers, subscribe to our newsletter by e-mail.

Why should I present my card at the time of each purchase even if I am not buying the goods at the special IKEA Family price?
When paying for your goods and presenting your IKEA Family card you insure your goods against any accidental damage during their transportation. Besides, information about your purchases will help us prepare the offers that are especially interesting and relevant to you.

Is the IKEA Family card valid in all countries?
IKEA Family cards can only be used in the country they are issued in. Except, if you registered to become an IKEA Family member in Estonia, your card will be also valid at IKEA store in Latvia.