What we eat has an impact not only on our wellbeing but on the whole planet, too. By giving up animal foods like meat, fish and dairy products at least occasionally, we can all make a significant contribution to reducing climate change. This is why we are shifting to more plant-based proteins with a view to finding more sustainable options for you to choose from.

More plant-based options – less climate impact

By adding options that are delicious, nutritious and responsibly produced to our packaged food offer, restaurants and bistros, we can also have a positive impact on the climate.

A meatball without the meat

Like the taste of meat but not the climate footprint? Then this member of our HUVUDROLL family might be something for you. The plant ball looks, tastes and feels like its meaty counterpart, only has less negative impact.

Have you ever tried plant mince?

Made from pea protein, our VÄRLDSKLOK plant mince is a great alternative to regular mince, for instance if you want to prepare burgers, chili, lasagne or Bolognese. It includes no animal ingredients, meaning a good choice for vegetarians and vegans.

The veggie hot dog

We have challenged ourselves to develop a delicious veggie hot dog for the Swedish Bistro – a plant-based, more sustainable option to our much-loved iconic hot dog. All the flavour of the classic dog, but with no animal ingredients.

Soft ice – a cool way to lower your climate footprint

Soft ice is one of the most popular Swedish Bistro products worldwide. Available in chocolate oat, this vegan treat not only tastes great, but also has almost half the climate footprint of its dairy-based friend.

Try new flavours in your kitchen

Here are some delicious ideas for your meat-free lunch or dinner. Which recipe are you going to try first?

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vegetable balls, 1000 g, frozen



fried onion



plant balls with mashed potatoes, 380 g, ready meal frozen



vegetable hot dog, 460 g, frozen 100% vegetables



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