Did you know that a quick ten-minute nap is all it takes for you to recharge? When it’s time to give your head a rest, some places are more inviting than others. But no matter where you like to relax, we have all the upgrades you need to feel the sweet power of a summer daytime nap.

Outstanding softness

Boldly coloured cushions, like the red-striped or dot-patterned GULLBERGSÖ, make a statement anywhere you put them. Placed next to handmade TOFTÖ cushions in neutral beige, they will stand out even more.

A cosy nook in your garden

Is there anything better than an afternoon nap in a hammock? Add some lightweight throws, a few cosy cushions and a book and you’ll be catching those zzzs in 3, 2...

Dozing off upright

When you’re outdoors, it’s easier to slow down and practice the art of doing nothing. So why not take a good old afternoon nap in your favourite chair? Just place one on your sunlit terrace or balcony, and you are ready to unwind.

Designed for maximum comfort

If you prefer napping in horizontal position, choose the solution that’s right for you. We offer a wide range of outdoor sofas in many shapes and sizes to suit both your relaxation style and your lounging area.

For the lovers of light

Would you like this summer to be a little brighter? Choose a LED light with a soft, warm glow or decorate your outdoor space with candle lanterns to make it cosy and inviting.

Just because the sun goes down...

...doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! Turn on the lights wherever you are and set the mood you want with outdoor lighting. 

Sweet dreams in silence

The least company you want to have during the summer nap is a bunch of buzzing insects. This net will protect your sleep and privacy, whether you take your nap at home by the window or simply relax in the open.

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chair, outdoor, foldable white

12 €


net, 150 cm, white

10 €


lantern for block candle, 28 cm, in/outdoor white


More options available


throw, 130x170 cm, red-brown/white



LED table lamp, 35 cm, dimmable outdoor/black


Energy efficiency class
Product information sheet


slipcover for wing chair, Risane natural

50 €

More options available


armchair, outdoor, white

45 €


armchair, rattan/Djupvik white

179 €


lantern for tealight, in/outdoor, 22 cm, white



LED lighting chain with 12 lights, outdoor/battery-operated black



gazebo with net, dark grey/grey-beige

328 €


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