We want to help everyone enjoy a better everyday life, without compromising the conditions for the planet and future generations. So we are switching from alkaline AA and AAA batteries to LADDA rechargeable ones. One benefit is that you can always have batteries ready for use. And if you use a lot of batteries, you can save money and reduce waste and your impact on the environment.

A charger that’s super easy to use

The new, great value for money STENKOL charger makes everything super simple. You can charge both AA and AAA rechargeable batteries – one, two, three or four at the same time – and it turns off automatically when the batteries are charged. It’s made of 50% recycled plastic – part of the IKEA commitment to renewable and recycled materials.

Where can you use LADDA batteries?

You can use LADDA rechargeable batteries in all kinds of products. From a sustainability point of view, they are best in things that consume a lot of energy, like portable speakers, toys, or cameras.

Ways to live more sustainably

Getting into the habit of using rechargeable batteries is a good step towards a more sustainable life.
By creating products that help people minimize waste, we contribute to enabling a more sustainable life at home.

Charger and storage, too

TJUGO battery charger can charge up to eight rechargeable batteries at a time, both AA and AAA sizes. When they’re fully charged, it switches to stand-by charging, so you can store your batteries in the charger if you don’t need to use them at once.

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battery charger

6 €


rechargeable battery, 1900mAh, HR06 AA 1.2V

6 € / 4 pack

More options available


rechargeable battery, 2450mAh, HR06 AA 1.2V

9 € / 4 pack


battery charger with storage, grey-green

22 €


LED lighting chain with 12 lights, indoor/battery-operated silver-colour


More options available


desk organiser, 18x17 cm, white



battery-operated locomotive