New season promises different new beginnings for each one of us: somebody starts new year in school, leaves parents’ home, or moves to a new place. Though thrilling, changes usually come with a dash of worry. This is why it is so important to have a cozy and safe place, where you could rest your body and mind and so to prepare for challenges, brought by every new day. And so IKEA comes to help in order to make your living space into a real home in ways, affordable to everyone. And no dramatic changes are required here.
You deserve a good rest
There is no doubt – no matter what your new beginning is, the main thing here is comfy and functional bed. No need to say, that all the challenges are much more easily overcome after a good rest. MALM high bed frame with storage boxes under it is a choice that suits most probably for everyone. Like reading books or watching movies in bed? Just prop some pillows behind your back and you will have a comfortable place to enjoy these pleasures. Moreover, bed frame of universal design goes in harmony with any bedroom textile and other furniture. Meanwhile adjustable bed sides allow you to use mattresses of different thicknesses.
Save your space
Need an idea how to practically use the space under your bed? Here come MALM storage boxes with castors. In huge two or four boxes you will fit much more than bedding and its covers.
More than a chest
MALM chest of three drawers is safe for all your family: smooth running drawers have pull-out stops, and together with a chest you will get safety fitting so that you can attach the piece of furniture to the wall. We will tell you one more secret – in order to keep drawers tidy, you can complement them with SKUBB box set that help to sort socks, lingerie, and accessories.

And if one day you will need swaddle table for baby – you will be able to arrange it on MALM chest. This way you will avoid additional shopping.
Design your own PLATSA
Free your fantasy! Multifunctional PLATSA can be created according to your own needs, and when they changes – transform this piece of furniture. Design PLATSA easily attaching or changing several frames. Besides, adjustable feet make it possible to compensate any irregularities in the floor.
Fits in whenever
With PLATSA everyone can feel like a real interior designer in one’s home. This piece perfectly fits in even the trickiest spaces: under a sloping ceiling or stairs. Like others, it can be designed according to your own wishes and taste.
Storage or a bench?
Why two when one is enough? This PLATSA little storage bench perfectly performs two functions. And if additionally complimented with cushions – it will become a cozy corner in home.
Just as small as them
This compact PLATSA can be used by children, older than 6 years, so it is a perfect fit for newly became schoolchildren. And when they grow, this piece will grow together with them. You can easily attach several PLATSA frames to each other using the included clips. They are easy to mount and remove without using tools.
Make your living space into home
You’ve made up your mind to update your home, but do not know where to start at? As IKEA designers always say, pillows, curtains, carpets and other home textile makes living spaces into homes and completely changes the atmosphere. It not only brings comfort, but also helps to express personality and creativity, and such a renewal costs just couple tens of euros. Next step – search for inspiration, but this is the easiest part: you just need to look around.


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box, set of 6, white

Old Price 6,99


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chest of 2 drawers, 40x55 cm, white stained oak veneer

Old Price 59,99


More options available


bed frame, high, 90x200 cm, white/Luröy

129 €

More options available


bed frame, high, 90x200 cm, white stained oak veneer/Luröy

139 €

More options available


chest of 3 drawers, 80x78 cm, white

Old Price 89 €

79 €

More options available


bed frame, high, w 2 storage boxes, 90x200 cm, white/Luröy

204 €

More options available


cabinet, 180x42x113 cm, white/Fonnes white

Old Price 281 €

256 €


rug, flatwoven, 170x240 cm, handmade/striped black/off-white

199 €

More options available


chest of 2 drawers, 40x55 cm, white

Old Price 59,99


More options available


musical toy, caterpillar



cabinet combination, 120x35x57 cm, grey

Old Price 70 €

60 €


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