Ready for another round of interior makeovers? The very first home takes us down the rabbit hole in a world of miniatures that fascinate us with their life-like accuracy and precision. We meet a tight-knit family of three: a mother, a father, and their young daughter who is the first admirer of the minuscule worlds created by her parents. Will our interior designer find the right way to organise the family studio, so it does not feel cluttered and still gives the chance to display the best works?

A (miniature) bit of everything

This multi-coloured room is home to an artistic family studio where two artists and their daughter dedicate their creative energy to their unusual hobby of building miniatures. The interior of the room is more of an improvisation than a carefully arranged system and even thought there seems to be a lot of storage space on the first glance, it is quickly devoured by the many things to store. Additions to the space have been made rather impulsively, without giving much thought to the overall look. The first impression is quite restless as there are already a lot of colours on the walls and in the different pieces of furniture and this is emphasized by the multicoloured array of minute elements needed for work.

Giving shape to ideas

After her visit to the studio, our interior designer invited the two crafters to a workshop in order to create a mood board for their dream interior. Mood boards act as an in-between stage which is very useful to coordinate ideas and to decide on the best solutions as well as to align the designer's view with the client's wishes. In this case, the initially somewhat more colourful interior is toned down to a Scandinavian grey colour palette that is lightened up by adding natural materials and green plant accents.

Creating a functional working space

In a studio, it is essential to plan space for work. Our interior designer has taken into account that there are often two people working together so the desk is comfortably accessible from both sides. The special nature of the family's hobby requires special storage solutions. Here, the need to store many of the materials close at hand has prompted the creation of a whole wall of pegboards that can be customised with different accessories to store many different things. A practical solution is the step stool that can be used both for reaching higher shelves and as an extra seating.

Deciding what is best for your things

When planning an interior, storage tends to be neglected as we think about the more obvious elements as a desk or chairs. However, storage is crucial as it is where you decide on how much of your things you want to show or hide. As a monumental wall-to-wall combination like here, storage becomes a dominating element that can be modified at any time by changing the exposition in the open shelves.

Resting after a job well done

As seen in many interiors, zoning is crucial for the interior to keep up its dynamic and functionality. Studios with no place to take a moment and reflect or regain focus are no longer viable in today's world and creative spaces around the globe are seeing more and more "chill zones" set up. Our designer has used a very simple yet most effective solution of dividing the room by installing a shelf between the working area and the relaxation area. ELVARLI system is an excellent choice because of its airy appearance and frame that lets the light from the window reach the area behind the shelf. Comfortable armchairs invite you to take a moment to find inspiration or just to relax.