The true beauty of home furnishing is the diversity of our customers, as well as diverse tastes and sense of style. Also the financial reach of households vary. Therefore no bedroom is alike. IKEA interior designers suggest starting furnishing by asking oneself questions. Light of dark? With a wardrobe or chests of drawers? Is the room just for sleeping? Before shopping, think through the layout of the entire room and measure it well.
Hideaway for all the little things
Surprisingly or not, but small items have a tendency to pile up, even for those, who have promised themselves to keep the room clutter-free. Give your self a break and think one move ahead. Get furniture with shelves, cabinets or drawers. Don't mind that some of them seem unoccupied at start – that's what one step ahead looks like. There are so many options even with the BRIMNES bed – it comes with shelves, drawers and even a platform on the top of the headboard for lamps, alarm clock and other bedroom essentials.
There is no one right place for the bed
PLATSA bed is another bedroom storage hero with all the shelves, drawers and even an attached wardrobe for some editions. Your bed does not necessarily have to stand by the wall. A bed can do so much more than just lulling you to sleep – it can also store your things, make a zoning and even divide a room. Use its benefits at full and take advantage of our tools, including PLATSA online planner available any time on our website.
Know your belongings
Don't rush buying all the nice things at the furniture store, just because you like something. Save your money and efforts by the means of reasoned shopping. Making a list of all the things and groups of items that you need to store at your bedroom, may be the right way to go. Knowledge of your stuff allows choosing a right solution, may it be shelves, clothes rail or drawers – large or small. Browse through the MALM and SYVDE series to get ideas.
Functional diversity
If you have a spacious bedroom and if you are a fan of space-efficient solutions, pick out the furniture prudently – make sure your bedroom doesn't look like a storage room, but build a relaxing atmosphere instead. If your room can accommodate MALM bed, it may just have a room for at least one PAX wardrobe too, maybe a dressing table with mirror or even a quiet corner with a comfy armchair for reading a book on your me-time.

Leave a space to breathe
Bedroom is a safe haven, where all the daily concerns and worries should fade away, not your essentials though. If a whole room just for sleeping seems an unnecessary luxury, use the space to your advantage. KALLAX shelving unit comes in different sizes and countless variations of mainly open storage. Stack the shelves lightly, in order to avoid cluttered impression, and consider leaving some wall-space empty for lighter feeling in the room.
Two rooms in one
Furnishing a bedroom, which functions also as a living room, requires a totally different perspective and a type of reasoning. Most importantly, it should feel like a functional living room during the day and a peaceful oasis for a bedroom during the night. Dividing a room into 2 zones is a good idea. In case of a smaller room, an extendable sofa-bed would be a good choice.
Does your hobby keep you up at night?
In some homes bedroom has also a spot for hobbies or light work. In order not to loose the feeling of the most peaceful room, consider furniture of one series or in one colour or two. MALM is the most diverse series, going way beyond just beds. Create a harmonious look in similar colour palette, combining MALM bed frame, nightstands and a desk with pull-out panel. Design and functionality are our key pillars, and the MALM desk stands for both – you can mount the pull-out panel to the left or right according to your needs.
Stepping on toes
The size of a room is what it is and there is no magic wand to stretch it out. Making a room comfortable for parents, a kid and all the belongings is a challenge faced by so many people. IKEA has your back in this. Let's take PLATSA modular series – arrange it any way most convenient to you, using walls of the room all the way up. You can also fix up a cosy cave for your little one. For a soft division of the room, take a VIDGA curtain track set and fasten it well to the ceiling, instead of the wall. This allows you stay close, while giving each other a chance to enjoy a personal space occasionally.


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shelving unit with 4 inserts

147x39x147 cm white

155 €

More options available


cabinet with glass doors

100.3x48.2x123.1 cm white

149 €


open wardrobe

80.3x48.2x123.1 cm white



shelving unit with 2 inserts

42x39x147 cm white


More options available



72x63x75 cm rattan/Djupvik white

169 €


table mirror

27x40 cm ash



dressing table with mirror

100x50x159 cm white

199 €


chest of 4 drawers

4 Drawers white


More options available


table lamp

24x Ø25 cm grey


More options available


swivel chair

69x69 cm Ysane white

119 €

More options available


side table

45x Ø38 cm white


More options available


desk with pull-out panel

151x65x73 cm white

119 €

More options available


soft toy




bed frame with 2 drawers

140x200 cm white/Fonnes

407 €