Christmas doesn’t have to be complicated. It's a time for celebrating the simple pleasures – like dining with loved ones. Here are some ideas on how to set the mood for joyful gatherings and cosy conversations even when your special guests are an internet connection away.
Scandinavian traditional
Dressing a party table with seasonal colours and textures will create the magic for the occasion. When choosing the colours of dinnerware, textiles, and decorations, follow the classical trio: red like a Santa's costume, green like trees in the forest, and white like fluffy snow pines outside your window. Traditional Scandinavian patterns and handmade wheat straw decorations will be a great accompaniment as well.
Naturally modern
Take out the red, replace it with golden yellow, add some contemporary patterns, and you will have a completely different clean and modern setting. A mistletoe-patterned table runner combined with leaf-like decor, white tableware and metallic accents will add a light, organic atmosphere to your party table.
Use a lazy Susan with spices, coffee/tea maker, and nature-inspired decorations as a large centrepiece that will be both decorative and functional.
Lush like a forest
Nature lovers will surely appreciate this naturally green setting. To create one in your dining room, start with a cosy wandering in the forest and collect branches, pinecones, or fern bouquets. Together with artificial garlands, tiny decorative trees under the glass domes, seagrass place mats, snow-white dinnerware, and delicate lighting, they will help you bring some fresh winter feeling inside.
Elegant and sophisticated
Make your New Year's Eve table sparkle with a touch of glass, gold, and glitter. On a black and white background, they will look modern and simply magnificent. Dark plates will create a beautiful contrast with golden cutlery and polished glassware.
Turn your ordinary serveware into decorative elements. A couple of cake stands can serve as pedestals for a composition of light and baubles, while a golden tray can hold anything from glasses to vases to candles.