Our Green Life at Home survey shows that 50% of people in Estonia feel good by giving second life, repairing or upcycling items at home. Want to reuse more, but don't know where to start? You can contribute by simply choosing new buys made of old materials.
Why do we choose to reuse?
#1 Reducing waste
68% in Estonia want to prolong product lifetime by giving it to someone else.

#2 Being practical
49% in Estonia try to fix their things and find new use for them.

#3 Treasure hunting
24% in Estonia are proud of finding different, vintage products with a great value for money.
Old bottles. New textiles.
Have a look at these textile products. What do you think they are made of? The polyester in SKÖLDBLAD pillows, HILLEBORG curtains and VÄRLDENS bags is made of recycled PET bottles, which helps us reduce consumption of new raw materials and lower the footprint on the environment.

Did you know? We need 118 recycled 0.5 l PET bottles to make our HILLEBORG curtains.
Go green, in every sense of the word
Looks like a concrete pot, but is made from recycled plastic. By using recycled plastic in our lightweight and easy-to-care NYPON pots, we consume less new raw materials. We believe that in such a "green" pot, your plants can become a little greener as well, because now caring for them also means your care for the planet.
Waste or resource?
People in Estonia believe that even the old items deserve a second life:

• Every second repairs. People love fixing items and DIY projects.
• 36% repurpose the things they have by upgrading and reusing them differently.
• 65% reuse packaging, like jam jars, at home.

We also think that any waste can turn into resource. This is why all our storage boxes in TJENA and KUGGIS series are made of recycled paper or plastic.
When plastic meets wood
There are many ways to prolong furniture lifespan. You can reuse them by choosing removable and washable covers, repainting, or changing the missing parts. Or – even better – by starting with something that is already made with reusing in mind. Our ODGER chairs are made of sustainable composite material: for strength and beauty, the wood chips from reclaimed wood are mixed with polypropylene plastic.

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food container, 70 ml, transparent/blue

0,59 / 3 pack


duvet, light warm, 150x200 cm


IKEA 365+

water bottle, 0.5 l, dark grey


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room darkening curtains, 1 pair, 140x300 cm, dark blue


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storage box with lid, 32x35x32 cm, white



gym bag, 38x49 cm/15 l, black



plant pot, 9 cm, in/outdoor grey


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potted plant, 12 cm, raindrop peperomia



box with lid, 26x35x15 cm, white


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bath mat, 50x80 cm, grey-white mélange



chair, blue

79 €

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cushion pad, 50x50 cm, white/soft

3 €

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