There is something so inviting about a home in touch with nature. But beyond a leafy collection, there are many ways to use natural materials to create a more earthy space. We caught up with an IKEA interior designer to gather some tips and ideas to achieve this look and feel.

We notice a lot of linen in this home. Was this a conscious choice?

“Linen is breathable, luxurious and better for the environment too. In this home, linen curtains soften both the light and the space. Linen also gets softer with each wash and looks good unironed, making it great for bedding, especially if you need to wash it regularly as you might do if you have kids.”

How has greenery been introduced in this home?

“Rather than placing plants throughout the home, a forest was created in one area that gets great light. The plants are happy and easier to water while adding to the aesthetic – creating a corner of interest.”

Let’s talk storage! How has it been taken care of in this dainty home?

“While transparent, plastic boxes certainly have their place, this family favour suspended baskets woven in natural materials and soft textile bags. They offer up the storage needed but add to the overall look and feel of the home too.”

What has been displayed in this home?

“Some families collect antiques, but this household prefers to preserve pieces foraged on their trips. Delicate objects like dried blooms are unusually displayed in glass cabinets, remaining safe from damage.”

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glass-door cabinet, 73x175 cm, white

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199 €

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plant stand, 55 cm, pine/black


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throw, 120x160 cm, light grey-green


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vase, 26 cm, clear glass/patterned


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basket, 25 cm, seagrass

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