The best clothes storage is never one-size-fits-all. Creating harmony inside your wardrobe comes down to recognizing what’s important to you. This is why we have solutions for everyone, from hiders to displayers, from hangers to folders, from humble storage fans to proud fashionistas.

Hide the clutter

If you prefer closed storage and want to keep all your clothes neatly hidden, there is a variety to choose from. In our range of solitaire wardrobes, you will find many options with doors, be it a traditional piece hiding shelves and clothes rails inside or a low price, high quality wardrobe that looks like a tent. What a great, portable home for your clothes!

Put your style on display

Your clothes express who you are, let your wardrobe do so too! Arrange it to see, and tell apart, what you have at a glance. With all garments hanging on a clothes rack, it will be so much easier to check your next day's outfit and get fabulous in the morning.

Have it, hang it, hook it

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best and you can't get much simpler than hooks and hangers. These make your garments easy to access, neatly arranged and wrinkle free. Choose between thin plastic hangers to save space or solid wooden hangers that add some style and quality to your wardrobe. We even have a multi-use hanger for smaller accessories like shawls, belts, and ties.

Protect your beautiful garments

Use plastic covers to protect your clothes from dirt and dust, and to prevent colour fading. They will surely come in handy when hanging away your party dress, tuxedo, or winter jacket.

Store away until you need them

Pop quiz: do you know where your black socks are? And your seasonal jacket? Storage cases and boxes for clothes and shoes take the guesswork out of finding your wardrobe pieces. Whether you put them in unused spaces like under the bed or display them on a shelf, they’ll make your things easy to see, find and wear. (Keeping everything save from dust comes as a bonus.)

Become a drawer lover

Chests of drawers offer closed and private storage while their top surfaces are perfect for the decorative things that you want to show off! Combine your dressing table with a chest of drawers. This will be a perfect beauty station with dedicated space for your underwear, makeup, and accessories.

Sort with storage boxes

Adding boxes inside your spacious chest of drawers can help you keep small things and folded clothes organised. With socks and t-shirts stacked sideways, the individual pieces will be both more visible and easier to get out.

Show a little love to your accessories

No more tangled jewellery – find a box that keeps things in place and gives a great overview. These two are made with natural materials such as bamboo and ash veneer.

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storage case, 55x49x19 cm



clothes rack, 99x152 cm, white

9 €

More options available


wardrobe, 74x51x149 cm, white



hanger, in/outdoor, white

3,99 / 5 pack


wardrobe with 3 doors, 117x176 cm, white

Old Price 129 €

109 €

More options available


chest of 3 drawers, 80x78 cm, white

Old Price 89 €

79 €

More options available


basket, 30x36x25 cm, dark grey



box with lid, 79x57x18 cm/55 l, transparent

Old Price 17,99


More options available


clothes rack, white

Old Price 24,99



wardrobe with 2 doors, 79x176 cm, black-brown

129 €

More options available


multi-use hanger, white



basket, 32x35x32 cm



box with lid, 25x35x15 cm, grey/patterned


More options available


box with compartments, 20x51x18 cm, white


More options available


shoe box, 22x34x16 cm, white

9,99 / 4 pack


box, 78x56x18 cm/55 l, transparent

Old Price 12,99


More options available


box, 15x27x12 cm, light grey

9,99 / 2 pack

More options available


storage case, 44x55x19 cm, white

Old Price 6,99


More options available


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