If pomp is not your plan for this Easter, start your festive day with a cosy breakfast (with your parents, friends or even just the two of you). How to set the table in a 'homely' and relaxed style? Just follow these seven tips of IKEA interior designers.
1. Anything can inspire
Start planning your table by deciding on a theme. It could be based on a colour of your home, furniture you have, or the view through your window. This Easter table setting was inspired by natural spring landscapes with fresh greenery and blue skies with white clouds. Is it difficult to invite this kind of romance to your dining room? Not at all - just follow the next six steps.
2. Match objects by colour
If walls in your dining room are white, you can us any colours you like. However, to set a cosy mood,  we recommend using pastel tones. Browse your home for different objects that correspond the green-blue-white breakfast theme. Anything might fit at this stage: from tablecloths and cushions to tableware, picture frames, candles, chairs or artificial flowers. And if later on you will realize that something doesn't fit, just put those objects back.
3. Decorate and experiment
Think of what you could create from the things you've found at home: would it be an eclectic composition on the table, or a fancy chandelier? We decided to hang a hypnotic garland of flowers over the table. You can make it in just a few minutes: fasten some SMYCKA artificial leaves and flowers (the more the better) on GIVANDE ribbon and leave this beauty swinging between two walls of your room. Don't worry if the garland comes out a bit chaotic - small imperfections are exactly what we need for the fresh springtime expression.
4. Select tableware and napkins
Finding a white dining set in your home is not a difficult job to do. But making it visible on a white tablecloth might require more skills. If you have basic china use that mixed with other sets, such as FÄRGRIK in light green. Bring the style together with colourful napkins or use ordinary wooden PROPPMÄTT chopping boards  as placemats, they provide an interesting contrast to all of the pale shades. Then, add some green INTAGANDE and KALLNA glasses. The latter are made of tempered glass, which makes the glass durable and extra resistant to impact (just in case).
5. Use cosy lighting and scents
Starting Easter morning with the most loved ones is already a good reason to celebrate. To make this mood even more festive, fill your dining room with cosy candle light. Use POMP vases/lanterns to place the block candles (such combination will decorate your table and protect it, too). You can also use scented candles, just remember that their scents should not put the aromas of your carefully prepared breakfast meals into the shade.
6. Decide what's on your menu
When the table is set, it is time to consider your menu. Collect the best Easter recipes or surprise your family with something new. But whatever you will decide to prepare, there is one breakfast "meal" you just can't miss - a cup of hot (or cold) tea! Try the EGENTID fruit and herbal infusion with honey or enjoy three natural flavours: oriental ginger and elderberry, unexpected peppermint and cocoa, or refreshing lemon grass.
7. Review and finalize the setting
Even if your dining table and chairs come in different styles, you can make them look uniform by using textiles in matching colours. Combine the GULLMAJ tablecloth made of linen and cotton with white candles and TEKLA tea towels, and then add some light greens: FÄRGRIK tableware, INDUSTRIELL chairs and SANELA velvet cushions.


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