IKEA “Life at Home” research shows that based on our experience of life at home during 2020, 33% of Estonians are now dreaming to have a garden or outdoor space at home. Not everyone owns a terrace or balcony, but that doesn't mean that one cannot have a piece of nature at home. Get inspired with five ideas our interior designer is happy to share.
Extend your windowsill
Plants at home have a positive effect on your physical and mental health, while some of them even work as air purifiers. The most common place at home to grow plants is a windowsill. If there is not enough space on a windowsill or you would like to extend your garden – place a narrow shelving unit on the floor. A similar effect can be reached with various plant stands, movable trolleys and wall shelves – you can attach as many as you want to on an empty wall near your window. They will provide space for both plants and gardening tools.
Go vertical
Vertical gardens can be a solution for nature lovers who lack space. Just put some stand-alone plant pots in different levels, use hanging planters or get creative and make your own green wall at home by using a clothes rack or memo boards. 

“Climbing plants or hanging planters will help you turn the ordinary clothes rack into a suspended garden. A smaller version of a vertical garden could be a memo board or pegboard with small containers where small potted succulents can be placed.”

Eliise Tammekivi, IKEA interior designer
Grow your own greeneries
Almost everyone can have an urban garden inside and grow some veggies or herbs. Whether it’s basil, parsley or even cherry tomatoes, they will all survive with the right maintenance and bring joy and health to your home.

“A tiny greenhouse that fits on a windowsill or a rail with hooks and containers above the kitchen worktop are great places to grow your own greeneries in the kitchen. You can also use a ladder plant stand or buy a hanging planter for only 9,99 euros.”

Eliise Tammekivi, IKEA interior designer
Materials that come from nature
Not only plants but also natural materials can help you feel more nature at home. Rattan furniture, bamboo lamps, linen textiles or even ceramic accessories will bring you closer to nature. If there is more space at home, you can create a true natural oasis with bigger plants, such as tropical palm trees. But safety also needs to be considered – always place larger plants into heavier pots on the floor.
The Whole Life at Home
We believe that home is the most important place in the world. This is why every year IKEA conducts a global research called “Life at home”. Last year, we focused on exploring the impact of the global pandemic on our relationship with home now and in the years to come.


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plant pot, 12 cm, in/outdoor white


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floor lamp, bamboo/handmade



plant pot, 24 cm, in/outdoor white


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wall grid, stainless steel

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