IKEA survey “Life at Home”* shows that every third Estonian citizen would like to create or improve their workspace at home, based on the life at home experience during the lockdown measures. The good news is that according to IKEA interior designer, it is not necessary to redesign the entire home in order to have such a spot – you can create a comfortable place for work or studies in sometimes forgotten and unused spaces.

The pandemic increased people’s need for workplace at home – 36% of Estonians worked from home during the lockdown measures. However, not all have a dedicated or comfortable work area at home, and so 34% of Estonians are willing of such now. In order not to work in bed, on a sofa, or other not that comfortable places at home, IKEA interior designer Eliise Tammekivi shares five original ideas. And they take less space than you might think. 
1. An empty wall
If there is an empty spot by the wall or an unused niche between the furniture – this can be a great place for your desk. According to E. Tammekivi, you can use a wall shelf with drawers or hanging table if the spot is too tiny for a standard desk. Such a ‘desk’ does not have legs so it saves space underneath and is much smaller. All you have to do is to choose a comfortable work chair. 

She even says, that for storing all work related items, a cabinet is not necessary. “A movable trolley serves in many areas at home – next to work desk too. You can roll it where you need it at any time and it takes less space. Also, use different pegboard combinations or rails with containers to store all those small things you need to have nearby, like pens, papers, notes, etc.”, - says interior designer.

2. A pantry
A clean and empty pantry can also be a great space for you to work or study. Just choose a narrow desk that would fit even in an empty wardrobe and a chair or a height-adjustable stool to fit underneath it when not in use. A stool that fits under the desk not only saves space, but also improves your posture. Of course, good lighting is also important here, like in any other case, as it is one of the parts that makes the workspace really comfortable.

E. Tammekivi says, "If your desk fits here – that’s great. However, if the space is too tiny, better choose a compact and multifunctional solution, like a cabinet with folding table. This cabinet can turn into a desk only when you need it, and can be out of your sight every other time.”

3. Under the stairs
This space requires no extraordinary solutions, because a standard desk will definitely fit there. You can choose the fitted or the height adjustable one and add a chair, and maybe few wall shelves to store your things.

According to E. Tammekivi, “If there is not enough daylight under the stairs, you can add some wall spotlights or clamp spotlights to solve the issue. Personal items and documents can be stored neatly on wall shelves, which will not take up much space."
4. A cabinet
In case there are no empty spots for your workplace at all, a gateleg table can become a way out. It takes as much space as a narrow cupboard when folded, and can be used for storing various tools and materials or as a coffee table. A space-saving folding chair goes perfect with it.
5. A dressing table
In order to save space and live with as little furniture as possible, E. Tammekivi recommends choosing multifunctional pieces. A dressing table can serve both as beauty station and as a workplace. On the other hand, a workplace can occasionally turn into a dressing table too.
The Whole Life at Home
We believe that home is the most important place in the world. This is why every year IKEA conducts a global research called “Life at home”. Last year, we focused on exploring the impact of the global pandemic on our relationship with home now and in the years to come.


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work lamp

35 cm dark grey/white



drawer unit

30x34x56 cm white



wall shelf

119x29 cm white/white




9x17x7.5 cm grey-green/metal


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swivel chair

68x68 cm white/beige


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17.5x25x12.5 cm grey-green/metal


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swivel chair

58x58 cm pine/black


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73x50x75 cm white


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39x Ø54 cm rattan



bar stool

50x50x63/74xØ30 cm black



table lamp

55 cm nickel-plated/white


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47x51x83 cm black


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46x54x80 cm light turquoise


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folding chair

44x51x77 cm white


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