At least every third woman in Estonia has experienced violence from her intimate partner at least once in her life. We must keep our eyes open because domestic violence is not just a matter of two. It affects us all.

Join us in the movement and add your voice to the collective call for change. Fighting against domestic violence together, we can make home a safer place for everyone.

Get the ambassadorship bag

Join the movement against domestic violence and as an appreciation for ambassadorship get a “Notice Violence” bag.

What you need to do?

  • Get a “Notice violence” sticker – help cards with stickers are available at IKEA store or planning studio for free;
  • Take a photo – with a sticker on your planner, laptop, thermos cup or anywhere you think it fits and helps to spread the message;
  • Tag @IKEAEstonia and publish post or story on your Instagram or Facebook.
The first 100 will receive a limited-edition small bag (item number 79802145) created in unique collaboration with designer Karl Korsar. 

The activity takes place: 23.01.–18.02.2024 (or as soon limit of 100 bags reached).

Bag receivers will be informed personally via Instagram direct messages by February 26 latest. The bag can be claimed until 31 March 2024 at IKEA.

Another way to show you care

We believe that spreading awareness is the first step in dealing with social issues such as domestic violence, and everyone can contribute. This is why for this informative campaign we have designed the help information card with  sticker you can get for free at any of our physical stores or pick-up and ordering points. Stick it on your smartphone, laptop or a notebook to show you're not indifferent and become an ambassador of the “Notice violence” movement.

What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence occurs in an intimate relationship, which makes it common to think that this is a private matter between two people. But in very truth, violence at home is a problem of the whole society.

There are many forms of domestic violence:

Psychological violence

Intentional emotional abuse or controlling behaviour that involves seriously impairing a person’s psychological integrity through coercion or threats.

Sexual violence

Any sort of harmful or unwanted sexual behaviour that is imposed on someone, including rape, attempted rape and other sexual acts.

Physical violence

The intentional commission of acts of physical violence against another person, violent behaviour resulting in harm and fear.

Economic violence

Occurs when an intimate partner denies or limits access to financial resources or to the labour market.

What to do if I suspect violence

  • Be kind and attentive while talking to a person who is a victim of domestic violence.
  • Do not judge the victim’s actions or failure to act. Be patient and open.
  • Point out that violence is not the victim’s fault.
  • Do not urge the victims to act here and now, do not press them or be too intrusive. Allow them to open up at their own pace.  
  • Encourage the victim to seek specialized help: police, medical care, specialized help centres.

In case for support, one can always contact: 

  • helpline for victims of violence: 116 006 (24/7) or,
  • helpline for children support: 116 111 (24/7) or,
  • counseling line of the Social Insurance Board for giving up violence: 660 6077 (working days 10:00 – 16:00),
  • emergency number 112 to report domestic violence in urgent situations.
Home, even the temporary one, has to be a safe and comfortable place. To improve the living conditions of the families affected by the domestic violence, we have done makeovers at the Tallinn Women’s Crisis Centre and renovated approximately 100 square metres of premises so far.

A bag that will get noticed. For the issue that is often unseen.

To raise public awareness against the domestic violence, we have teamed up with a famous Estonian designer Karl Korsar and created a limited edition of NOTICE VIOLENCE bag expressing the idea of noticing violence in his unique style.

Bag contain symbolic message, like eye embroidery that encourages to open eyes and notice violence. Safety belts used as handles symbolize the lack of safety for violence victims and a change of mindset needed in the society to protect them. 

Wear these bags and pin as a symbol reminding to never close eyes to domestic violence.


bag, 38x43,5 cm



bag, 43x48,5 cm






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