Passionate about life at home
Welcome to a team of curious people with a passion for making homes – and the planet – better. Our vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people. And with the many people, we mean you. Co-workers. Customers. Suppliers, partners, peers – anyone who loves their home, in every sense of this word.
We call it tillsammans
Our culture is built upon enthusiasm, togetherness and a “get-it-done” attitude. As co-workers, we all play a part in the team. Alongside each other. Across roles and departments. And even around the world. We work together, tillsammans in Swedish, to find better ways and improve both our business and ourselves.
Blue and yellow is the new black
What we wear says a lot about who we are. Co-worker clothing strengthens our brand personality and brings us together as many parts of the same IKEA team. This is why our top managers, office, store and warehouse co-workers all wear the uniform.

Our new uniform was created using the same democratic design principles as any other IKEA product – form, function, quality, sustainability and low price.

A combination of blue and yellow comes from the Swedish flag and reflects our Scandinavian roots. The blue base stands for long-lasting, hardwearing quality, while the yellow is highly visible and easy for customers to spot us across all meeting points.
Designed for wearing, tearing and recycling
Before the global launch, new clothing was tested in five markets: 400 IKEA co-workers were interviewed about their wishes and how their uniform could support their daily work and comfort.

Most of the garments are made of sustainable and natural fibres, with minimal waste of materials, water, energy and chemicals. The new uniform uses recycled polyester, cotton from more sustainable sources and Tencel, a fibre made of wood pulp.

All co-worker clothing is made to be recyclable when reaching the end of its lifespan. Easy recycling is enabled with limited amount of material types combined in one garment and reduced amount of details on the garments.
Would you like to try on the new uniform?
Go through a list of open positions, explore your possibilities and join us in making life at home better!